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Teleport to hunt [VIP]

Use the /g command to see the locations available for teleporting.
After verifying the destination name use the /go command to teleport to the desired destination.
You can only be teleported when you are out of battle.

Auto Loot System

Write in the chat !autoloot.

To add the list type !autoloot add, item name to add it.
To remove an item from the list, type !autoloot remove, item name.
To remove all items from the list, type !autoloot clear.
To list all items added to the list, type !autoloot show.

Deaths in combat

Retro PVP, no blessing, lose 1,5% of your level and skills if you die.
Use AOL to protect your equipment.
Twist of Fate deployed for less loss in PVP.

Open Cast System

To open the cast just write !cast and it will automatically start transmitting your player to all viewers of the server.
Soon after, you will open a window of interaction with the viewers, and to check who is watching, just write the command !spectators.
To end your broadcast just write !stopcast.

Check amount of kills

Use command !kills to check unjustified kills.
Use command !frags to check frag days.

Houses [VIP]

Check the website in the Houses tab for the price, name and location of the house available.
In front of the house door write the command !buyhouse to get the good.
Offline training for homeowners only.
To stop being the owner of the house write the command !leavehouse.
Functions after the purchase of the house.

Only the owner and sub-owner can use these commands.
aleta sio - Edits the guest list in the house

aleta som - Edits sub-owners of the house. Need to be the owner of the house to use this command.

alana sio "Character Name" - Throws the character out of the house.
This command will teleport the character named after the spell out of the house, just in front of the main door. You can also use this spell by yourself to get out of someone's house faster, however, only owners and sub-owners can use this spell to play other players out of the house.

aleta grav - Edit the port permissions.
Use this command while facing the door. Edit the list of characters that may or may not open the desired port.

Caution: all invited characters in the house can go through doors that are open, even if they are not on the list of who can open or close the door.

Card boost experience.

Get in the store in game.
Write the !exp command to check how much boost you have left.
Task System

The system has specific tasks for each monster and points to define its level of improvement.
With the !task command, you can see detailed information about your progress on the daily task and task task, where you can request only once every 24 hours, so that you can activate two at the same time.
Through the !task rank commands you will be able to see how many task points you have and what your placement you got with your progress.

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